6th Literary Orange
Saturday, April 14, 2012

UC Irvine Student Center

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Ken Kuhlken Ken Kuhlken

Ken Kuhlken’s stories have appeared in Esquire and dozens of other magazines and anthologies, been honorably mentioned in Best American Short Stories, and earned a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. He has been a frequent contributor and a columnist for the San Diego Reader. With Alan Russell, he has chronicled the madness of book tours in Road Kill (2010) and No Cats, No Chocolate (2004).

His novels are Midheaven (1980), a finalist for the Ernest Hemingway Award for best first novel; The Loud Adios (1991), Private Eye Writers of America Best First Novel, 1989; The Venus Deal (1993); The Angel Gang (1994); The Do-Re-Mi (2006), a finalist for the Shamus Award for Best PI Novel; The Vagabond Virgins (2008); and The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles (2010).

In Writing and the Spirit (2009), he offers a wealth of advice to writers and everyone looking for inspiration. He teaches creative writing at Perelandra College, www.perelandra.edu.

For more information please go to the author's website:

Biggest Liar in Los Angeles The Do-Re-Mi
Biggest Liar in Los Angeles The Do-Re-Mi