6th Literary Orange
Saturday, April 14, 2012

UC Irvine Student Center

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Ryan Gattis Ryan Gattis

Ryan Gattis is a writer, art curator, blogger, and creative writing instructor at Chapman University. He is the author of novels Roo Kickkick & the Big Bad Blimp (2004) and Kung Fu High School (2005), which was acquired by The Weinstein Company. He covers L.A. street art for “Vandalog” (blog.vandalog.com), runs Punching On Paper, a website dedicated to examining representations of physical violence in literature, film, and visual art, and curated “The Art of Kung Fu: Myths and Legends.”

For more information please go to the author's website:

Ryan Gattis is moderating the Fiction: Discovering New Possibilites panel during Session A.