2016 Literary Orange
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Jennifer Ryan

California Crime: It's Not Always Sunny

Family Fiction: Rising From the Ashes

Fiction: Secrets and Survival

Fiction: Surviving the Future

Fiction: Uncertain New Worlds

Fiction: Women's Voices

Historical Fiction: Unlikely Heroes

Life: The Power of Laughter

Memoir: Finding Our Way

Non-Fiction: Balance and Boundaries

Suspense: Obscured Identity

Thrillers: Not the Crime, It's the Cover-Up

World Mosaics: The Art of Discovery

Jennifer Ryan
Originally a book editor, Jennifer's first novel, National Bestseller The Chilbury Ladies' Choir, focuses on women finding their voices and their collective power in an English village during the Second World War. It has been published in over 12 countries. Her second novel, The Spies of Shilling Lane, looks into the new opportunities and freedoms for women during the Second World War. Brought up in the English countryside, Jennifer lived in London before moving to the Washington, DC area when she married and had children.
From the Author  
The Chilbury Ladies Choir
The Chilbury Ladies' Choir
The Spies of Shilling Lane
The Spies of Shilling Lane