2016 Literary Orange
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Madeline Stevens

California Crime: It's Not Always Sunny

Family Fiction: Rising From the Ashes

Fiction: Secrets and Survival

Fiction: Surviving the Future

Fiction: Uncertain New Worlds

Fiction: Women's Voices

Historical Fiction: Unlikely Heroes

Life: The Power of Laughter

Memoir: Finding Our Way

Non-Fiction: Balance and Boundaries

Suspense: Obscured Identity

Thrillers: Not the Crime, It's the Cover-Up

World Mosaics: The Art of Discovery

Madeline Stevens
Madeline Stevens is a writer from Boring, Oregon and is currently based in Los Angeles. Her first novel, Devotion, is currently available in the US, UK, Germany and Mexico, and forthcoming in France, Italy, Portugal and China. Madeline holds an MFA from Columbia University and her stories and essays have been published in CrimeReads, The Guardian, Monkeybicycle, LunaLuna Magazine, and elsewhere. She teaches creative writing to adults and children through Catapult and Writopia Lab.
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