2016 Literary Orange
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David Putnam
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California Crime

Fiction: World Mosaics

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David Putnam
David Putnam's first two Bruno Johnson thrillers, The Disposables (2014) and The Replacements (2015), were both finalists for the T. Jefferson Parker Mystery Award. Both were also finalists for the USA Best Book Awards in the thriller category. His third and fourth books, The Squandered (2016) and The Vanquished (2017) also received rave reviews. David draws from his 30+ years in law enforcement in California, including: Investigations, SWAT, Narcotics, and Violent Crimes. He rounded out his law enforcement career in Hawaii as a Special Agent for the real life Hawaii Five-0 team. David is now retired and spends his time growing organic avocados and writing.
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The Disposables
The Disposables