2016 Literary Orange
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Holly Brown
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Holly Brown
Holly writes psychological thrillers that are truly psychological. As a practicing marriage and family therapist, she has a bird’s-eye view of human frailties, foibles, and flaws, and she channels that knowledge and empathy into her novels. She creates emotionally-charged situations, raising the stakes until the characters are behaving in ways they never could have imagined, to page-turning effect. USA Today wrote that Holly is an author “whose sensitivity to the nature of the modern family, and all of its possibilities for tragedy, could soon lift her into a league with Paula Hawkins and Jodi Picoult.” Her novels are Don’t Try to Find Me (2014), A Necessary End (2015), and This Is Not Over (2016), all from HarperCollins/Morrow. Her e-book novella is Stay Gone (2016). Holly writes the blog, Bonding Time, for the mental health website Psychcentral.com, and she lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and daughter.
From the Author  
Don’t Try to Find Me
Don’t Try to Find Me
A Necessary End
A Necessary End
This is Not Over
This is Not Over