2016 Literary Orange
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Dr. Jessica Vogelsang
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Jessica Vogelsang
Jessica is a veterinarian and bestselling author from San Diego, California. Her award-winning website, pawcurious.com, is one of the first and most well-known veterinary sites on the internet. She specializes in veterinary hospice care and palliative medicine with Paws into Grace, and frequently lectures on ways to make the end-of-life transition better for families. She is a regular contributor to petMD, Vetstreet, Crayons and Collars, and Petfinder, and was a featured expert on NatGeo’s Animals Gone Wild. Jessica also writes for and is the editorial director at DrAndyRoark.com, a site with over 200,000 fans from the veterinary community. Her debut book, All Dogs Go to Kevin, was published in July 2015 to stellar reviews and is an Amazon bestseller.
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All Dogs Go to Kevin
All Dogs Go to Kevin