2016 Literary Orange
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Sandra Sellani
A Conversation with Gregg Hurwitz

A Conversation with Kate Quinn

California Crime: MissDeeds

Cold Blooded: Who Done It?

Fiction: Fact Meets Fiction

Fiction: Family Ties

Fiction: Where Life Leads Us

Genealogy: Family Ingredients

Historical Fiction: The Past is Always Present

Lifestyle: Healthy Inspirations

Memoir: Every Life Has a Story

Non-Fiction: Uncovering History

Secret Suspense: A Thriller of a Panel

What Do I Read Next?

World Mosaics: People and Places
Sandra Sellani
Sandra Sellani is a marketing and branding consultant and vegan food blogger. Her latest book, The Forty-Year-Old Vegan (2017), was co-authored with her twin sister, Susan, and is the winner of an International Book Award, a Green Book Award and a Reader's Choice Award. It was also named by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as one of the top cookbooks of 2017. Sellani is a vegan food enthusiast who completed her culinary training at Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy in Los Angeles. She is currently a weekly guest host on Jane Velez-Mitchell’s interactive cooking show, LunchBreak Live, which airs Sundays on Facebook. Sellani also has an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University, and her first book, What’s Your BQ? (Brand Quotient®), was the nonfiction winner of the 2008 DIY Book Festival in Los Angeles, and received an honorable mention at the 2008 DIY Book Festival in London. What’s Your BQ? outlines Sellani’s proprietary method for building brands from the ground up; it is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses or individuals interested in building powerful, inimitable brands. Sellani lives in Newport Beach, California.
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The Forty-Year-Old Vegan
The Forty-Year-Old Vegan