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Teresa Rhyne
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Teresa Rhyne
Teresa Rhyne’s life changed forever with one sound: AAAARRRROOOOO! Emitted by a beagle she later named Seamus, it signaled the beginning of a journey she could never have imagined. Within a year, Seamus was diagnosed with and beat an aggressive cancer. Soon after, Rhyne was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. Throughout her treatment, Seamus was a four-legged touchstone; his successful battle paving the way for hers. Happily, Rhyne has had no evidence of the disease since that time. Her memoir, The Dog Lived (and So Will I) (2012) became a #1 New York Times and international bestseller, and has been translated into six languages. Her second memoir, The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I) (2014), about how her beagles inspired her to adopt a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle was awarded the Dog Writer's Association of America Pat Santi Memorial Friends of Rescue Award for 2015. AAAARRRROOOOO!
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The Dog Lived (and So Will I)
The Dog Lived (and So Will I)
The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I)
The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I)