2014 Literary Orange
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Alyson Beecher
Keynote Speakers

Fiction: Magical Realism

Fiction: Novel Ideas

Fiction: Outside Looking In

Fiction: Women’s Lives, Women’s Stories

Food: Eating Your Words

Memoir: Family Ties

Mystery: Adrenaline Rush

Mystery: California Crime

Mystery: Past Unraveled

New Fiction: Flowers, Bees, Words

Non-Fiction: The Changing Face of Media

Poetry: A visual Language

Travel: Journeys in Writing

YA: The Awesome Age

Alyson Beecher
Alyson Beecher is the Literacy and Curriculum Coordinator for the Pasadena Unified School District in Pasadena, California. She is currently serving on the Schneider Family Book Award Jury and the Scholastic Book Fairs Principal Advisory Board. Alyson co-founded Bridge to Books with Alethea Allarey in order to connect children with books. When she isn't working or planning author and literacy events, Alyson can be found blogging and on Twitter.
  http://www.bridgetobooks.org    http://www.kidlitfrenzy.com