2014 Literary Orange
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Andrew Kaplan
Keynote Speakers

Fiction: Magical Realism

Fiction: Novel Ideas

Fiction: Outside Looking In

Fiction: Women’s Lives, Women’s Stories

Food: Eating Your Words

Memoir: Family Ties

Mystery: Adrenaline Rush

Mystery: California Crime

Mystery: Past Unraveled

New Fiction: Flowers, Bees, Words

Non-Fiction: The Changing Face of Media

Poetry: A visual Language

Travel: Journeys in Writing

YA: The Awesome Age

Andrew Kaplan
Andrew Kaplan is best-known as the author of two spy thriller book series: Scorpion (1986-2013) and Homeland (2013). A former journalist, war correspondent and businessman, he covered events around the world and served in both the U.S. Army and the Israeli Army. The CIA has tried on a number of occasions to recruit him; he has consulted with think tanks that advise governments. He is the author of eight international bestselling novels, including Dragonfire (1987) and War of the Raven (1990), in addition to the Scorpion and Homeland books. Recently, three of Amazon’s top 20 thrillers were his Scorpion books. His film writing career includes the James Bond classic, Goldeneye. He is the author of the worldwide international bestseller, Homeland: Carrie’s Run (2013), an original prequel novel based on the award-winning hit television series, Homeland, and is currently working on the next book in the Homeland series.
From the Author  
Homeland: Carrie’s Run
Homeland: Carrie’s Run
Scorpion deception
Scorpion deception
Scorpion betrayal
Scorpion betrayal