2014 Literary Orange
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Marc Wanamaker

Keynote Speakers

Fiction: Magical Realism

Fiction: Novel Ideas

Fiction: Outside Looking In

Fiction: Women’s Lives, Women’s Stories

Food: Eating Your Words

Memoir: Family Ties

Mystery: Adrenaline Rush

Mystery: California Crime

Mystery: Past Unraveled

New Fiction: Flowers, Bees, Words

Non-Fiction: The Changing Face of Media

Poetry: A visual Language

Travel: Journeys in Writing

YA: The Awesome Age

Marc Wanamaker
Marc Wanamaker is a Los Angeles area historian working in production and research for film and television studios in Los Angeles and New York. He is also a professional consultant on motion picture projects and has worked on more than one hundred documentaries and feature films since 1971. Marc is past president of the Los Angeles City Historical Society and has been archivist/museum consultant for the Culver City, Westwood, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills Historical Societies. He was President of the Hollywood Heritage Organization, and a curator for the Hollywood Heritage Museum. Marc’s articles have been featured in Architectural Digest, Los Angeles Magazine, Los Angeles Times, American Cinematographer, Hollywood Reporter, and Daily Variety. He is currently working on an encyclopedia of American film studios. Marc’s books include Location Filming in Los Angeles (2010).
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Location Filming in Los Angeles
Location Filming in Los Angeles