2016 Literary Orange
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Rhonda Sciortino
A Conversation with Gregg Hurwitz

A Conversation with Kate Quinn

California Crime: MissDeeds

Cold Blooded: Who Done It?

Fiction: Fact Meets Fiction

Fiction: Family Ties

Fiction: Where Life Leads Us

Genealogy: Family Ingredients

Historical Fiction: The Past is Always Present

Lifestyle: Healthy Inspirations

Memoir: Every Life Has a Story

Non-Fiction: Uncovering History

Secret Suspense: A Thriller of a Panel

What Do I Read Next?

World Mosaics: People and Places
Rhonda Sciortino
Rhonda Sciortino overcame abandonment, abuse, poverty, and hunger, to build a life of affluence, fulfillment, and excellent relationships. In her writing and speaking, she has helped others mine the lessons from their painful events and apply them to create personal and professional success. Rhonda founded, built, and sold two successful insurance businesses that protected and advocated for non-profit child welfare organizations. She has authored twelve books, including Succeed Because Of What You’ve Been Through, which was featured on the Today Show, and multiple other media outlets. Rhonda is also the founding chairperson for Successful Survivors Foundation, a non-profit that exists to help survivors of trauma succeed through the Your Real Success curriculum and the Love is Action Community Initiative. Additionally, Rhonda has been the recipient of Passkeys’ Women of Distinction Award, the Press Enterprise Business Woman of the Year Award, and the Seneca Community Advocate Award.
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Kindness Quotient
Kindness Quotient
30 Days to Happiness
30 Days to Happiness