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Literary Orange 2021 Registration


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In order to participate in OC Public Libraries ("OCPL") Literary Orange events on Zoom on 4/7/21, 4/14/21, 4/21/21, 4/28/21, and/or 5/13/21, you will need to agree to the following Zoom Access/Recording Consent and Waiver Agreement ("Agreement") to document your consent to use, and possibly be recorded on, Zoom. Please note attendees will receive a notification if session is being recorded.

Please review Zoom’s privacy terms and conditions carefully before program participation: https://zoom.us/terms and http://zoom.us/privacy.

By electronically signing this Agreement, I understand, acknowledge, and consent to: (1) enter into this Agreement by electronic means and be bound by its terms and conditions; (2) access the virtual programing provided by OCPL on Zoom; (3) be recorded while participating in OCPL's virtual programming on Zoom; (4) my image/likeness, name, information shared by me during the virtual programming, or other data related to me, being viewable to the instructor and other program participants via photo, live video during the class, or other means; (5) release from liability and waive my right to sue OCPL and its agents from any harm that I may suffer in connection with my participation; and (6) I am signing this Agreement electronically and my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual or "wet" signature.



If you have questions or require assistance regarding
the registration or payment process please email Jenny Gasset.

Literary ORange is sponsored by

OCPL Foundation

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